5 Tips For Keeping Warm For Seniors This Winter

By | February 10, 2013

1. Layers, Layers & More Layers…

Ok, so you might not be the coolest looking senior in the street if you’re wear 5 jumpers at the same time. Don’t let that bother you too much. Anyone wearing any less than that in British winter must be out of their minds. You’ll be warm and toasty and they won’t. You can always peel off a layer if you’ve over done it a little.

2. Tea And Biscuits…

If you’re chilled to the bone, put something hot inside you. Now, that might sound a bit saucy, but it’s true. A nice hot cup of tea or bowl of soup will warm you through right from your core. You’ll be toasty in minutes. Keep off the alcohol, even a hot toddy might make you colder. Alcohol lowers your metabolic rate which slows you down, which in turn, cools you down.

3. You’ve Got To Move It, Move It, Move It…

Keeping active in the cold is a great way of keeping warm. You don’t have to run a marathon, or do 50 squat thrusts, just keep active, do a bit of vacuuming or dusting. The more you move, the more you generate heat in the core of your body and the higher your metabolism will get, pushing warmer blood into your chilly fingers and toes.

4. Worried about your heating bill?

If you have several rooms in your home that you don’t use very much or don’t even use at all, it might be worth turning off any radiators in those rooms and keeping the doors closed. There’s no point in heating your entire house, if you use just a few rooms. This should help slice chunks off of your heating bill, which means you might not worry too much about having your heating on in the first place.

5. Snuggle Up To Somebody Else…

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